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    Amicable Business Coaching
    Effective Business - How To Get The Results You Are Looking For In Your Company FREE Phone 0800 781 0414

    Are you looking for information resources on Asia or looking for local Asian companies and Asian manufacturers? Find links here to many exporters, manufacturers, media, business directories, searchengines, chambers of commerce and many more. Our Asian business portal to Asia will help you find many interesting Asian business sites and business related information.

    A quick starting page for business men with an interest in the Asian region. Find useful links here to travel and business related resources.

    Over 1700 company profiles of manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters of chemicals/pharmaceuticals. Sourcing site for members of bizeurope.com

    This b2b portal is the Nr 1 European trade portal. Our site offers valuable information to international traders. We offer import leads, company profiles, import and export contacts, country resources, importer and distributor database, portals, trade fairs, airport directory, trade organisations, hotel directory, magazines, searchengines, business directories, chambers of commerce, yellow pages, contacts, banks, export/import boards and more.

    This business directory offers links to German business resources, media, banks, searchengines, yellow pages, companies and associations.

    This UK business directory offers links to UK business resources, newspapers, media, banks, searchengines, yellow pages, companies and associations.

    Businesskeywords is an easy to use keyword based directory of international companies and business service providers. It will help you to find suppliers very fast by presenting you will a growing list of keywords. Listing is available to advertisers and bizeurope members.

    Over 2500 company profiles of manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters of electronics. Sourcing site for members of bizeurope.com

    A global business database with thousands of company profiles of exporters, brokers, manufacturers worldwide. It will help you source new suppliers and new products. Each day new companies register their company profile on our business sites and this data is available exclusively to professional members only. With this data you can build up your own product sourcing database.

    A very fast way to find new company sites that are looking to find new business partners, clients, buyers, agents or suppliers. Find great links to suppliers and service providers here. It will also help you to source manufacturers and exporters worldwide. Now you can discover many new companies online. Listing on this site is free for members of BizEurope

    Are you looking for serious export offers by email ? Register your export interests here and get only serious offers from BizEurope members. Choose from many categories and get serious export offers from professional exporters and manufacturers only on topics like food, chemicals, toys, computer hardware, electronics, textile, overstock, cars and more.

    Find the latest export offers here. Each week international manufacturers, exporters, brokers post their offers here. Posting is free, access to data is available to BizEurope members only so you only get serious replies.

    New global business directory which will offer city related sections with links to local companies in those cities. The plan is to create a huge portal for business men looking for local companies in a specific city. 

    Company profiles of exporters, distributors, importers and processors of computer related products. Sourcing site for members of bizeurope.com

    Hardwarelinker.com is a easy to use directory of international manufacturers of computer related products for the b2b market. We have links to manufacturers of keyboards, plotters, printers, scanners, monitors, mouse, industrial pc's, embedded computers, cases, processors and lots more.

    You want to export worldwide? Find useful contacts listed here, these companies can assist you with local representation, distribution channels, government contacts and more. Why spend much time on locating new clients while these people can help you?

    A fast growing international database of useful company profiles of importers, distributors and wholesale companies. It is the european resource site for manufacturers and exporters who are looking for new customers and business contacts. The main focus is European countries but also lots of data on USA and other regions are available. Each month 500+ new companies are added.

    Resource site for European importers and distributors. On this directory you will find company profiles of companies who are looking for partners in Europe. You will find company profiles of manufacturers and exporters from Asia, USA Europe, Canada, Africa etc here who are in need for agents, distributors and are seriously looking to setup sales on the European market.

    Looking for customers in the UK? We are building up a directory of distributors, representatives, importers and wholesale companies in the UK to help you find local importers, distributors, agents and representatives. New companies are added every week.

    Looking for customers in Germany? We are building up a directory of distributors, representatives, importers and wholesale companies in Germany to help you find local importers, distributors, agents and representatives. New companies are added every week.

    Looking for customers in the USA? We are building up a directory of distributors, representatives, importers and wholesale companies in the USA to help you find major keyplayers in the US market. Currently over 1500 companies are listed and new data is added every week.

    Looking for high quality images for use on your product packaging, website, brochures, business cards, publications? As a publisher of reference cd-roms we have access to a large library of aviation images, animal images, scenery images, city images and lots more. Each month new images are being added to our online image catalog. Check out this image service for companies

    Each working day we bring you the latest buyer leads from importers, distributors, global trade  organisations, brokers and buyers from over 100 countries. If you are looking for the latest leads then this site is the best place to visit on a regular base. If you are an importer or a distributor looking for products then post your request here and we will forward it to our professional members worldwide free of charge.

    Looking for free ezines and information mailings by emails. Subscribe here to many free ezines available throught Postmaster USA. You will receive targeted information and offers by email. And you can unsubscribe any time you want because Postmaster ezines only are sent to you on optin base.

    Productlinker is our new shopping directory offering information and links to online shops and suppliers of specific products and services. Site will be based on product topics and later we will add country pages for specific local links. Our goal is helping consumers to find online providers of telecom services, internet services, gifts, toys, music, video, dvd, books, hardware and more.

    Over 500 company profiles of exporters, distributors, importers and processors of seafood. Sourcing site for members of bizeurope.com

    You want to drive more business traffic to your site? We offer a complete package to get you started! It is a mixture of professional listings on popular European business portals, searchengine submission service and highly targeted banner advertising on the main page of sites like BizEurope, Worldjump, Keywordlinker, Asiaprofile etc.

    We bring you lowpriced telecom services, calling cards, voice messaging, internet access, internet telephony, webhosting, satellite tv, calling cards, home security products, internet access, 1-800 numbers. Find many great
    telecom offers from the USA listed here. Plus we offer a special webmaster
    program so you can earn good commission on our telecom services as well.

    Over 2500 company profiles of manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters of the textile business. Sourcing site for members of bizeurope.com

    Find the latest export opportunities here. Postings are done by professional Bizeurope members so only serious offers.

    If you are an international trader then you have to see this popular b2b directory offering quick links to the best trade sites in the world. Currently we have over 600 high quality sites listed and the number is rapidly growing. Find many less known portals here as well. Feel free to use this business resource portal to locate great business portals around the world.

    USAlinker.com [new]
    USA business directory. Directory offers links to business related websites in the USA. Guide will be city based so it is easy to locate local company sites. 

    Resource site for business travellers who plan to visit Europe for trade fairs, short holidays or visit to clients/partners. This new portal is made with the business traveller in mind so our goal is to offer lots of EU travel resources available on the web. Also paid listings are available to hotels, restaurants etc

    Class Action Attorneys
    Schneider & Wallace litigates class action lawsuits.

    Securities Fraud Lawyers
    Experienced Securities Fraud Lawyers

    Business Finance UK
    Online Business Portal, Global business directory and UK business finance quotes.


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