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    Hotel directory bangkok

    Thailand hotels - Siam.net
    Thailand Hotels - Bangkok Hotel - Phuket Hotel Reservation. Get details on accommodations based in Bangkok, Thailand and learn how to book reservations directly through the hotel operators. Daily update discount tariff.
    Siam.net, which has been operating since 1994, offers the best choice of Discount Hotels throughout Asia & Oceania, with over 10,000 Hotels.

    Siam.net provided also Flight Ticket, cars rental, Vacation package, Hotels Deals, Cruises, with Worldwide Travel Guides and other travel related services. Our aim is to provide you a quick, easy and secure way to make your reservations on-line at GREAT SAVINGS with our customer service center open 24 hours a day/7 days a week to handle all your booking inquiries and requests.

    We are a hotel reservation Network that searched numerous Leading Travel Agent, Tour Operator fully licensed all Around the World for the best Room Rate available. The partners we have chosen are only the largest, most reputable companies with long-time operations in Asia, and are affiliated with the ETA (Executive Travel Associates), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation), IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network), IATA (International Air Transport Association), CLIA (Cruise Line International Association), PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), HKTA (Hong Kong Tourist Association), ATTA (Association of Thai Travel Agents) and TIC (Travel Industry of Council).
    We provide you with the most comprehensive, up to date hotel and travel information available anywhere for this, one of World's most dynamic and popular cities travel guide.

    To be more efficient and satisfy professionally our customers, our office representative are situated in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Montreal, Vancouver, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, Auckland, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Amari Hotels and Resorts
    Address: 847 Petchburi Road, Pratunam, Rajthevi
    Zip Code: 10400
    City: Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 2255 3767
    Fax: +66 2255 3718
    Url: www.hotelsbangkok.net
    Email: email@amari.com

    If we were asked to represent three South-East Asian capitals by
    tropical fruits, we might think of clean, green Singapore as a fresh
    lime and richer-flavoured Kuala Lumpur, perhaps as a ripe pineapple.

    Employing this imagery, one association that immediately springs to
    mind for Bangkok is with that king of tropical treats, the taste
    sensation of the Orient, Durio zibethinus, the delicious,delightful
    and delectable durian.

    Granted, this head-sized botanical wonder with its thick spiky skin
    and soft yellow flesh is very much an acquired taste, much like a
    smelly cheese is to a connoisseur and the fruit's initial effect
    on a novice's nostrils can be just as overwhelming as the first
    impressions of the Thai capital on an unsuspecting new arrival,
    fresh from Don Muang airport.

    The oft-intoned "Wow, they stink before even being peeled" is indeed
    true, a fact which effectively bans the offending fruit from closed
    public spaces. Even following a durian-laden truck in a closed air-
    conditioned coach can fill the vehicle with more than just a
    tolerable whiff.

    "Hey, how can people eat this thing?" is a common question, posed
    almost as frequently as "Hey, how can anybody actually live in Bangkok?"

    But beware. Like the durian, Bangkok can be habit-forming. The teeming
    220-year old Thai city not only has a strong and unique flavour, it
    possesses a potentially highly addictive mix of subtle qualities, which
    once experienced, can lure visitors back, time and again. "Aye, this is
    our 14th trip" I overheard an elderly Scots couple say to some fresh-
    faced honeymooners on a neighbouring pool bed the other day, adding:
    "Ye can get a real taste fir it" Aye, and they are not alone.

    Hotels all over the city will tell you of again-and-again-guests who
    have become close friends of staff and management through repeated,
    often annual, visits. Given the air and noise pollution, the
    motorised chaos and the often searing temperatures, it is not
    easy for 'outsiders' to understand the attraction. Even if you ask
    those geriatric aficionados why they keep coming back, they tend
    to reply in non-specifics. "Oh, we just love it here" is a common
    response. If you dig deeper, it may be followed by any or all of
    the following:- the people, the food, the temples, the river,
    the canals, the smiles, the charm, the smells, the friendliness
    and the friends made, the sounds, the shopping, the atmosphere...
    ...and the magic. Don't forget the magic.

    Years ago, I had to entertain some VIP British tourists to dinner.
    On meeting the middle-aged couple in the hotel lobby bar, they greeted
    me grumpily by blurting that they'd just arrived, hated what they had
    observed on the way from the airport and had absolutely no desire to
    venture out at night into "this bloody awful place." Instead, they
    wanted to eat a "nice steak and chips" in the hotel grill room.
    After two rounds of drinks and much cajoling, I finally did persuade
    them to at least try Thai food at my local restaurant - with the
    promise that I'd take them home instantly any time they wished.

    On arrival, they sat at the wooden table expressing a mix of utter
    dejection and intense fear, much like that of poor wretches about
    to be executed. Signs of cautious enjoyment appeared however when
    the aromas of our food order reached their noses and relaxed if
    reluctant nods followed as they began to sample the rich, wonderful
    tastes. Laughter joined in as an adjoining table of jolly Thai
    students sent us over glasses of local 'Mekhong' whisky to accompany
    our Thai beer and all duly stood up charmingly to give us regular
    toasts,ensuring our maximum indulgence in the copious supply of
    spirit, which generously just kept on arriving. The previously
    stuffy Brits were suddenly convivial charming company. The dinner
    turned into a huge, hilarious success.

    Out on the street, with the now smiling pair metamorphosed into
    merriment, it was easy to coax them into a coasting "Tuk Tuk "
    Bangkok's open-sided three wheeled taxi. Seconds later, we were
    roaring three-up through the traffic to enjoy a great evening
    in the city's night spots, with the couple waving to all and
    sundry and all and sundry happily waving back - in a way that
    only happens in Thailand.

    As a finale, I took them to the Erawan shrine, a small open place
    of worship dedicated to a Brahman God situated at Rajaprasong,
    one of the city's busiest intersections in Pratunam.

    In this incense-filled microcosm of Asia, the roar of the
    traffic was curiously muted by the music from the small
    Thai orchestra performing at one side. As we sat down to
    observe, dancers and worshippers obscured our view to the
    street outside. Offerings of sweet-smelling garlands, stacked
    up over the hours, rose higher than our heads. Although I had
    been there countless times, there was something undeniably special
    about this particular evening, something, perhaps, even verging
    on the mystical. The lady's very emotional voice suddenly
    interrupted my thoughts:

    "I have never experienced anything as wonderful as this" she
    was saying,over and over again. I looked over and saw she was
    in tears. Her husband wasn't too far away from the same emotion.
    Two more Bangkok addicts were thus born. And it happens every day.

    It is perhaps this undeniably magical quality of "Krungthep" as
    it is called by the Thais, that becomes so compelling - the unexpected
    experience in a relatively unattractive city, when the world freezes
    in a moment of arresting, unforgettable beauty.

    Certainly, if the rough translation if its official name(which happens
    to be the longest place name in the world and thus occupies a section
    in the Guinness Book of Records)is anything to go by, this is no
    ordinary spot on the globe:

    Great city of angels, the supreme repository of divine jewels,
    the great land unconquerable, the grand and prominent realm,
    the royal and delightful capital city full of nine noble gems,
    the highest royal dwelling and grand palace, the divine shelter
    and living place of reincarnated spirits.

    In other words - what better place for a fascinating holiday?
    Or a place to do business? The aforementioned is intended
    as a small thumbnail sketch, rather than an attempt to draw a
    picture of Bangkok's huge store of attractions, far less
    describe them in any detail. We hope the information is
    useful and we welcome suggestions for its improvement.

    Amari Hotels and Resorts is lucky to have four hotels in this
    huge metropolis, each in its own special location. Whether you
    are a first-time traveller to the Thai capital, or an old hand
    coming back for yet more magic, Amari wishes you a warm welcome
    to this amazing city.


    Amari Airport Hotel
    Address: 333 Chert Wudthakas Road
    Zip Code: 10210
    City: Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 2566 1020
    Fax: +66 2566 1941
    Url: www.amari.com/airport
    Email: airport@amari.com

    Amari Hotels and Resorts is a hotel management company based in

    The group, was founded in 1965 and is a privately held company.
    There are currently ten properties in the group in Bangkok, Chiang Mai,
    Pattaya, Samui, Phuket, Trang and Koh Chang. Amari Hotels and Resorts
    also manages a nature resort in the very north of Thailand, a property
    in Loei province, two city lodge properties and the St James Hotel.

    The Amari Hotels and Resorts has consistently been at the forefront
    of the Thai hospitality industry and has built up a reputation for
    high standards of customer service and value for money.

    This excellent deluxe category hotel is the only hotel connected
    by air-conditioned walkway to Bangkok's international airport
    making it minutes away from one of Asia's busiest hubs. The
    property is regarded as one of the top airport hotels worldwide.
    Its superior accommodations, wide range of restaurants and superb
    business and convention facilities make it a popular choice
    with both business and leisure travellers.

    The well-appointed rooms in the Amari Airport Hotel offer comfort
    and convenience only minutes away from the international terminal
    of Bangkok's Don Muang airport. Choose from among the following room
    types viz., 270 Superior rooms, 90 Deluxe rooms, 16 Ladies' rooms,
    31 Executive rooms, 16 Suites.

    A superior first-class hotel, only minutes from the international
    airport terminal, Amari Airport Hotel offers comfortable
    accommodation, excellent facilities and top-class service all
    within easy access of Bangkok's shopping and commercial districts.

    With seven restaurants to choose from, the Amari Airport Hotel
    offers the perfect venue for every mood or preference.

    Henry J. Bean's Bar and Grill is a great place to unwind. It
    serves Tex-Mex food, cold beer and a wide range of cocktails.
    The elegant Le Bel-Air Restaurant is perfect for those special
    occasions, while Mizuho Japanese Restaurant, with its private
    tatami rooms, is ideal for business lunch or dinner.

    The 24 hour Zeppelin Restaurant serves delicious buffet breakfast
    and lunch and also offers an extensive a la carte menu. For a taste
    of Thai cuisine, Kinaree Thai Restaurant is popular with local residents as
    well as guests.

    A traditional Thai musical performance is held on most evenings.
    Snacks and light meals are available at the Pool Bar, Arriva Cafe,
    Executive Lounge and in the Cockpit Lounge.

    Whether you are looking for a boardroom for twelve executives or
    a pillarless ballroom for 1,000 guests, the Amari Airport Hotel
    has the perfect function space to suit your needs viz., Function
    room capacity, audio visual facilities, banqueting and meeting
    room floor plans.

    The Amari Airport Hotel offers the following services and

    24 hour business centre
    Internet and e-mail service
    Broadband Internet
    limousine service
    a shuttle bus to city centre
    a Tour Desk
    a shopping arcade
    a Beauty and Hairdressing Salon
    a car rental and reservation desk, including a pick-up and drop
    facility at the hotel.
    extensive audio/visual equipment

    The Amari Airport Hotel has many recreational facilities,
    including an outdoor pool in a landscaped garden, fitness, massage
    and sauna rooms, a shopping arcade.

    With several fine restaurants and a variety of satellite and cable T.V.
    channels, you are assured of a comfortable and enjoyable stay at the
    Amari Airport Hotel.


    Amari Boulevard Hotel
    Address: 2 Soi 5 Sukhumvit Road
    Zip Code: 10110
    City: Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 2255 2930
    Fax: +66 2255 2950
    Url: http://www.amari.com/thailand/hotelbangkok
    Email: boulevard@amari.com

    Whether visiting Bangkok on business or pleasure, the Sukhumvit Road
    area is one of the city's most exciting destinations. Whilst located
    at the centre of the city's commercial district, the area
    also offers excellent shopping, dining and entertainment options.

    The Amari Boulevard Hotel is right in the heart of Sukhumvit. It is
    comfortable, convenient and is well-known for its personalised

    The Amari Boulevard Hotel offers a variety of accommodation to
    suit your needs and ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay in one
    of Bangkok's key locations viz., 123 Superior rooms, 138 Deluxe
    rooms, 36 Deluxe terrace, corner rooms, 12 Suites.

    The Amari Boulevard Hotel is located in the very heart of Bangkok's
    commercial and shopping district with immediate access to the airport
    expressway. In the immediate area of the hotel, along Sukhumvit Road,
    the lively and colourful night market sells a rich variety of souvenirs,
    clothes and Thai handicrafts.

    Enjoy a wide range of buffet and … la carte dishes at The Peppermill
    Restaurant authentic Thai cusine at season or some light refreshments
    and snacks in the Lobby Bar.

    The Amari Boulevard Hotel also operates two nearby restaurants
    the fun and informal Pasta n' Noodles recently called 'an ace of a
    place'by a Bangkok Post food critic and the popular La Gritta Italian
    Restaurant, one of Bangkok's favourite venues.

    The Amari Boulevard Hotel offers a number of function rooms that
    efficiently cater to groups of between 10 and 300 viz., function room
    capacity, audio visual facilities, banqueting and meeting room fl.

    Amari Boulevard Hotel offers several recreational options. Enjoy a
    workout in the fitness room, treat yourself to a traditional Thai
    massage or simply relax by the pool.

    Alternatively, there is no end of entertainment options available in
    the immediate vicinity of the Amari Boulevard Hotel. Its location in
    the thriving Sukhumvit Road allows easy access to shopping, dining,
    cinemas, restaurants and nightclubs.

    309 well-appointed guest rooms, including 12 suites, all with:
    Colour T.V. with satellite cable programmes and Spectradyne pay
    -as-you-view movies
    private bathroom with separate bath and shower (deluxe)
    personal safe
    hair dryer
    Writing desk with additional telephone (Deluxe)
    Separate fax line
    Individually controlled air-conditioning
    Broadband internet access
    Food & Beverage
    The Peppermill Restaurant: serving International and Thai cuisine
    Lobby Bar: cocktails and light snacks
    Pool Bar: light snacks and drinks
    Room Service: available 24 hours
    Sports & Recreation
    Outdoor swimming pool
    Fitness room
    Services & Facilities
    Business centre
    Money exchange
    Laundry service
    Dry-cleaning service
    Medical service
    Limousine service
    Babysitting & baby cot
    Tour and travel agency
    Souvenir and silk shop
    A full range of audio-visual equipment and support services are
    available at the Amari Boulevard Hotel.

    Audio Equipment
    The latest state of the art technology sound system has been
    installed in our ballroom and function rooms. The following equipment
    is available for functions at the Amari Boulevard Hotel:

    Microphones (boom stand table and wireless microphones)
    Loudspeakers (ceiling and mobile sound system)
    Tape recorder (cassette)
    Background music (piped in - one channel)
    Telephones (plug-in system
    Projection Equipment
    8 mm (super 8) projector
    16 mm sound projector
    35 mm slide projector
    46" video projector
    Overhead projector
    Computer display system
    LCD overhead display
    Laser pointer
    Screens: 180 x 180 cm (hanging), in Panorama 1, 2 and 3
    Colour television (24" screen)
    Video camera (camcorder)
    Video player (VHS multisystem)
    Multivision shows, film projections, etc. can be arranged upon request.
    Conference & Banquet Facilities

    The Amari Boulevard Hotel offers 5 well appointed meeting rooms.
    A hospitality room and office room can be provided for incentive
    and seminar organisers. There is also a pre-function area for pre-
    function cocktails, pre-dinner gatherings and break-up sessions, with
    direct access from the hotel car park.


    Amari Watergate Hotel
    Address: 847, Petchburi Road
    Zip Code: 10400
    City: Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 2653 9000
    Fax: +66 2653 9045
    Url: http://www.amari.com/thailand/HotelBangkok
    Email: watergate@amari.com

    Superb accommodation, conference and recreational facilities including
    a top class fitness centre, a beautiful pool, landscaped gardens,
    four excellent restaurants and a well equipped business centre -
    all located close to the Central World Plaza. A superb 5 star
    property in the center of Bangkok.

    Centrally placed between Siam Square and Sukhumvit Road in the main
    shopping and commercial district and with easy access to the airport
    expressway, the elegant Amari Watergate Hotel could not have a better

    The excellent accommodations and facilities, which include a selection
    of fine restaurants, a business centre and a fitness centre make this
    five star property an exceptional choice for a Bangkok base.

    The Amari Watergate Hotel offers a variety of stylish and comfortable
    rooms, all with excellent amenities.

    350 Superior Rooms
    144 Deluxe Rooms
    49 Executive Rooms
    7 Executive & 19 Corner Suites

    In Pratunam at the heart of Bangkok's the commercial and shopping
    district, the superb location of the Amari Watergate Hotel makes it a
    popular base. The airport expressway is conveniently reached within

    >From stylish modern Italian cuisine and authenthic Thai cuisine to
    deliciously traditional Chinese dim-sum, the Amari Watergate Hotel
    provides a fine selection of restaurants to suit your mood
    and preference.The fabulous buffets served at breakfast, lunch and
    dinner in the Promenade are popular with guests and local residents,
    while Henry J. Bean's Bar and Grill in the basement is the place to
    unwind and have some fun after a busy day.

    Light snacks and refreshments are available in the Headlines Lobby Bar,
    the Bakery and by the poolside.

    If planning a meeting, conference, banquet or AGM in Bangkok,
    the Amari Watergate Hotel offers the perfect venue.

    The latest in modern technology, a flexible range of function
    rooms and a wealth of experienced and talented staff will ensure
    that your gathering is a success viz., function room capacity,
    audio visual facilities, banqueting and meeting room floor plans.

    Within the hotel, you will find satellite and cable T.V. in every room,
    a selection of fine restaurants, a charming free-form pool in a
    landscaped setting and a Clark Hatch Fitness Centre.

    In the surrounding area there are many recreational opportunities
    available. Pratunam market, for example, is minutes away, while in the
    nearby World Trade Centre there are excellent shopping facilities,
    several film theatres and even a world class skating rink.

    For some evening entertainment, Siam Square and the popular Sukhumvit
    Road areas are both nearby.

    569 luxurious rooms including 21 suites, 49 executive rooms and 7
    executive suites, all with:

    Marble bathroom with separate shower cubicle
    Two hand basins and a long bath
    Hair dryer
    Personal safe
    Remote-control colour TV with pay movies and sattelite reception
    PC/FAX link
    Individually controlled air-conditioning
    Broadband Internet access

    In addition to these features, the Executive floors feature an
    executive split level lounge, separate check-in/check-out,
    complimentary breakfast buffet and evening cocktails, as well
    as a boardroom with secretarial services, executive business
    assistance and butler service.

    Food & Beverage
    Heichinrou Chinese Restaurant (Cantonese)
    Grappino Italian Restaurant
    Promenade Restaurant
    Henry J. Bean's American Bar & Grill
    Thai on 4 Restaurant
    Amari Bakery
    Headlines Lobby Bar
    24-hour room service
    Pool Bar
    Banqueting & function rooms
    Sports & Recreation
    Swimming Pool with jacuzzi and sun deck
    Children's pool
    Clark Hatch Fitness Center featuring squash courts, gymnasium, aerobics
    and work-out studio, saunas, steam rooms and massage rooms.

    Services & Facilities
    24-hour reception, porter and concierge service
    Business centre
    Postal services
    Hotel foreign exchange facilities
    Laundry and valet services
    Limousine service
    Shopping arcade
    Tour desk (sightseeing service)
    Separate group check-in and check-out lounge
    Separate corporate floors
    Hospitality Rooms / Office Space:

    Two Hospitality Rooms and Office Space for Incentive and Seminar
    Organisers are also available as part of the comprehensive conference
    and banquet facilities.

    Pre-Function Foyer:
    For pre-function cocktails, pre-dinner gatherings and break up sessions
    - directly accessible from hotel lifts or escalators.

    Audio Visual Facilities
    Audio Equipment
    Modern sound and projection facilities are available in all rooms.
    Microphones (boom stand, table stand and wireless)
    Loudspeaker (ceiling and mobile computerised sound system
    Tape recorder (cassette)
    Background music (piped in - one channel)
    Telephones (plug in system)
    Video conference group - system
    Projection Equipment
    8mm (super 8) projector
    16mm sound projector
    100" video projector
    35mm slide projector
    Overhead projector
    LCD overhead display
    Laser pointer
    Multivision shows, film projections etc. can be arranged on request.
    Screens (360 x 360cm (hanging), 210 x 210cm (hanging), 175 x 175cm
    Colour television (25" screen)
    Video camera
    Video player


    Amari Atrium Hotel
    Address: 1880 New Petchburi Road
    Zip Code: 10310
    City: Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 2718 2000
    Fax: +66 2718 2002
    Url: http://www.amari.com/thailand/HotelBangkok
    Email: atrium@amari.com

    Centrally located on New Petchburi Road, the stylish Amari Atrium
    Hotel offers every comfort and refinement. High quality facilities,
    including meeting and conference facilities, a business centre,
    a fully equipped fitness centre and a choice of 3 restaurants.

    A modern first-class hotel, located close to the Queen Sirikit
    National Convention Centre and Bangkok's main commercial and
    shopping district of Sukhumvit Road, the Amari Atrium Hotel
    is ideally placed for both business and leisure travellers
    to Bangkok.

    With large, comfortable rooms, a business centre, a fitness
    centre and an outdoor pool with sundeck and jacuzzi, this
    city-centre property offers both excellent service and
    great value-for-money.

    Following are some of the hotel's facilities.
    Superior room
    Vivaldi Italian Restaurant

    The Amari Atrium Hotel offers a variety of stylish and comfortable
    room categories to suit your needs and ensure a pleasant stay in
    Bangkok, one of Asia's most exciting cities.

    363 Superior rooms
    29 Executive rooms
    153 Deluxe rooms
    15 Deluxe Corner rooms
    8 Suites

    And, when you book through the Internet, get the following extra
    VIP benefits

    -fruit and flowers in the room
    -a daily newspaper
    -Executive and Suite room rates include FREE one-way transfer
    -from or to the airport for staying of 2 nights or more

    The Amari Atrium Hotel is located minutes away from the busy
    commercial and shopping district of Sukhumvit Road.

    The Cascade Restaurant serves lavish buffets and an international
    … la carte menu while the Cascade Lobby Bar is perfect for drinks
    or light refreshments at any time of day. Vivaldi Italian Restaurant
    serves fine Italian cuisine ranging from tasty pizzas to gourmet pastas.

    For a fun night out, drop by Mingles Pub and Restaurant.

    The Amari Atrium Hotel offers a number of function rooms that
    efficiently cater to groups of between 10 and 350.

    Function Room Capacity
    Audio Visual Facilities
    Banqueting and meeting room floor plans

    The Amari Atrium Hotel offers the following services and facilities:

    24 hour business centre with Internet and e-mail services
    Shuttle Bus to Bangkok shopping and sightseeing destinations
    Laundry and dry cleaning service
    Medical service (on call)
    Baby sitting
    Money Exchange
    Beauty Salon
    Shopping Arcade
    Tour Agency
    Broadband Internet
    Wireless internet on the Executive Floor
    Safe deposit boxex
    Film processing
    Postal service
    Taxi/limousine service
    Health club

    The Amari Atrium Hotel offers local and multi-language satellite
    T.V. as well as pay-view movies. There is also a sundeck with jacuzzi
    and an outdoor pool, which both look out over the Bangkok skyline.


    St James Hotel
    Address: 18 Sukhumvit 26 (Soi Aree)
    Zip Code: 10110
    City: Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 2261 0890
    Fax: +66 2261 0902
    Url: http://www.amari.com/thailand/HotelBangkok
    Email: stjames@amari.com

    Located in the heart of the lively business and recreation area
    of the Sukhumvit Road, the St. James Hotel offers a convenient
    location, comfortable accommodation and value for money.

    The hotel is five minutes walk from the Emporium, Bangkok's
    premiere shopping complex and the nearby sky train station
    allows guests to travel to other parts of the city with ease.

    St. James Hotel offers a variety of accommodation to suit
    your needs. A personalised service and friendly welcome ensure
    a pleasant stay in one of Bangkok's key locations.

    75 Superior rooms
    2 Suites
    And, when you book through the Internet, get the following extra
    VIP benefits
    -fruit and flowers in the room
    -a daily newspaper

    The Garden of Eden Restaurant offers French cuisine and
    Japanese and Asian favourites. The walled garden in the restaurant
    provides a charming setting for every occasion and the Chef
    makes guests feel at home with her delicious cuisine.

    The restaurant is open seven days a week for breakfast,
    lunch or dinner. Garden of Eden is open from 05:30 to 22:00
    and seats 80 people.

    24 xhour room service is also available.
    Stylish meeting and banqueting facilities for up 50 people.
    The St. James Hotel offers the following services and facilities:
    Business center with Internet and e-mail
    Limousine service
    Laundry and dry cleaning service
    Local and Satellite TV
    Pay-as-you-view movies
    IDD telephone in rooms
    24-hours room service
    Garden of Eden, Frech cuisine
    Banquetting and meeting facilities
    Medical service (on call)
    Baby sitting
    Money exchange
    Swimming pool
    Broadband internet

    The St. James Hotel offers the following services and facilities:
    Business center with Internet and e-mail
    Limousine service
    Laundry and dry cleaning service
    Local and Satellite TV
    Pay-as-you-view movies
    IDD telephone in rooms
    24-hours room service
    Garden of Eden, Frech cuisine
    Banquetting and meeting facilities
    Medical service (on call)
    Baby sitting
    Money exchange
    Swimming pool
    Broadband internet

    The hotel's pool offers the opportunity to relax and soak up the sun.

    Alternatively, there are many options for entertainment nearby the
    hotel. The Emporium shopping complex offers shopping, dining and
    a multi screen cinema. There is a driving range ten minutes walk from
    the hotel and the area surrounding the hotel is well known for its vibrant
    night life.

    77 well-appointed guest rooms, including 2 suites, all with:
    Colour T.V. with satellite programmes
    Private bathroom with separate bath and shower
    Personal safe
    International direct dial
    Air-conditioning with individual controls
    In-room tea/coffee facilities
    Hair dryer
    Food & Beverage
    Garden of Eden serving French dishes and Japanese and Asian favourites.
    24 hour room service available.
    Sports & Recreation
    Outdoor swimming pool
    Services & Facilities
    Babysitting & baby cot
    Laundry and dry-cleaning service
    Limousine service
    Money exchange


    City Lodge
    Address: Sukhumvit 9 and 19
    Zip Code: 10110
    City: Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 2253 7705
    Fax: +66 2255 4667
    Url: http://www.amari.com/thailand/HotelBangkok
    Email: citylodge@amari.com

    Situated in prime Sukhumvit Road locations, the two City Lodge
    properties offer the perfect combination of accessibility, comfort
    and value for money. Well-appointed rooms, efficient staff
    and a professional attitude make these boutique properties
    ideal for the business traveller or tourist to Bangkok

    Comfortable and quiet, the rooms in each City Lodge hotel are
    well maintained and include the following features:

    Individually controlled air-conditioning
    Private bathroom with bath and shower
    Local and satellite T.V.

    Bangkok, the city of angels, is one of Asia's most exciting cities.
    It does not have a centre so much as it has districts - which can make
    it confusing for the first time visitor.

    One excellent place to start getting to know Bangkok is the Sukhumvit
    Road area. This commercial, entertainment and shopping district is a
    quick drive on the expressway from the airport.

    Well placed to serve the Sukhumvit Road area are the two City Lodges,
    located on Soi 9 and Soi 19.

    Each City Lodge operates its own restaurant, Pasta'n Noodles in Soi
    9 and La Gritta Italian Restaurant in Soi 19. Both popular venues
    are managed by the Amari Boulevard Hotel.

    62 guest rooms, 28 standard rooms on Soi 9 and 11 superior rooms
    and 23 standard rooms on Soi 19. All room features:

    Color T.V. with satellite cable programmes
    Private bathroom with bathtub and shower
    Personal safe
    IDD telephone
    Individually controlled air-conditioning
    Services & Facilities
    Money exchange
    Laundry service
    Dry-cleaning service
    Limousine service
    Babysitting & baby cots available
    Parking at Soi 19 or at the Boulevard Hotel (at Soi 7)
    Food & Beverage
    Pasta `n'Noodles: at City Lodge Soi 9

    This casual dining outlet is a favourite with locals and overseas
    visitor alike. Located in one of the most dynamic parts of Sukhumvit,
    it serves an interesting choice of Italian and Thai dishes and is a
    great place for watching the world go by.
    (Open : 06:00 - 23:30.)
    La Gritta Italian Restaurant: at City Lodge Soi 19

    Wonderful Italian food, an excellent wine cellar and the warm
    hospitality of our resident Italian Chef are all the ingredients
    needed for a superb breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    (Open : 06:30 - 23:00.)
    Room Service: available from 07:00-22:00 hrs.
    Sports & Recreation
    Free access to following facilities at the Amari Boulevard Hotel
    Outdoor swimming pool
    Fitness room


    Amari Rincome Hotel
    Address: 1 Nimmanhaeminda Road
    Zip Code:
    City: Chiang Mai
    Country: Thailand
    Tel: +66 5322 1130
    Fax: +66 5322 1915
    Url: http://www.amari.com/thailand/HotelChiangMai
    Email: rincome@amari.com

    Close to Chiang Mai's historical walled city, the Amari Rincome
    Hotel reflects the unique culture of the north. The bright guestrooms
    are accented with wooden carvings and colourful fabrics. Works of art
    and antiques can be found throughout the hotel and the restaurants
    offer the opportunity to try special northern Thai dishes as well as
    Italian and international favourites.

    Two swimming pools, and tennis courts are all available on the grounds
    while there are many other activities like elephant trekking, golf and
    mountain-biking nearby. The area surrounding the hotel is particularly
    cosmopolitan with design shops, wine bars and art galleries.

    107 Superior and 47 Deluxe Rooms are available. And, when you book
    through the Internet, get the following extra VIP benefits
    -fruit and flowers in the room
    -a daily newspaper

    There are countless things to see and do in Chiang Mai province.
    Amari Rincome Hotel, just ten minutes from Chiang Mai Airport, is
    perfectly situated for exploring Chiang Mai city or for day-
    trips into the northern highlands.

    La Gritta offers the best of Italian food and an international
    lunch buffet. The Lanna Coffee Shop. Terrace is a delightful place
    for an open-air breakfast, while the Lobby Bar is ideal for after
    dinner drinks in a convivial atmosphere.

    The function rooms at the Amari Rincome enable you to cater in style
    to groups of upto 300. Relax by the poolside or enjoy an invigorating
    Thai massage. On the hotel grounds are tennis and basketball courts.

    Nearby you will find a pleasant jogging track, while in the Chiang Mai
    area there is much of interest. Go elephant trekking or on a jeep
    safari, mountain biking or river rafting. Visit the local hilltribes or
    handicrafts centres, or take a walk round Chiang Mai zoo.

    158 guest rooms (including connecting rooms) and 4 suites. All rooms

    Colour television with satellite T.V.
    Private bathroom with bath and shower
    IDD telephone
    Individually controlled air-conditioning
    In-room safety deposit boxes are available
    Food & Beverage
    La Gritta Italian Restaurant: serving Italian cuisine
    Lanna Terrace: Thai and International Specialties
    Lobby Bar: cocktails and live music
    Pool Bar: drinks and light snacks
    Sports & Recreation
    2 swimming pools and a toddler's pool
    Tennis courts
    Jogging track nearbye
    Thai massage 100 metres away
    Services & Facilities
    Baby sitting & baby cot
    Banquet & Meeting Facilities
    Beauty salon
    Laundry service
    Shuttle bus to night market and airport
    Shopping arcade
    Taxi service
    Travel Agency

    A full range of audio-visual equipment and support services are
    available at the Amari Rincome Hotel. Furthermore, small meeting
    areas can be arranged at the Lanna Coffee Shop Terrace, in the
    garden or in the small pool area. These offer possibilities for
    small parties, break-out and discussion areas.

    Audio Equipment
    Microphones (boom stand table and wireless)
    Loudspeakers (ceiling and mobile sound system)
    Tape recorder (cassette)
    Background music (cd player)
    Projection Equipment
    Screens (175 x 175 cm, standing)
    35mm slide projector
    Overhead projector 100" video projector
    Colour television (29" screen)
    Video player (PAL, SECAM, NTSC)

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